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Aries/Aries-Impetuous, Energetic 21-March 30 Aries/Leo-Visionary, Courageous 31-April 9 Aries/Sagittarius-Expansive-Freedom 10-April 20

Modality: Cardinal Element: Fire Ruler: Mars Season: Spring 1st Sign of ZodiacMetal: Iron Stone: Amethyst, DiamondColor: Red Anatomy: Head, face. Keywords: active, initiating, leading, independent, aggressive, impatient, combative, energetic, pioneering, naive, assertive.

Sun In Aries Famous people with Sun in Aries: Alec Baldwin, Mariah Carey (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Aries), Jackie Chan, Russell Crowe (Sun and Mars in Aries), Robert Downey Jr. (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Aries), Stacy Ferguson Fergie, Sarah Michelle Gellar (Sun and Venus in Aries), Ashley Judd (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Aries), Lucy Lawless (Sun and Moon in Aries), John Madden (Sun and Mercury in Aries), Conan OBrien, Sarah Jessica Parker (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Aries), William Shatner (Sun and Mercury in Aries), Gloria Steinem (Sun and Mars in Aries), Vincent Van Gogh (Sun and Mercury in Aries), Christopher Walken (Sun and Mercury in Aries)

Fiery action energy surrounded by a whirl of fierce insecurity and shear will power. The Ram uses its head to burst through any barrier. A deep, passionate red aura can be seen around them. This is the intent of the first house on the natural wheel all the while being ruled by warring and inflammatory Mars: beauty and rage in action. Aries is the very first burst of ego expression and comes into the world to bravely and with insightful knowledge to lead the way. They are born to lead and are often born knowing they need to fulfill a strong karmic path and purpose, which sends them running at an early age. They are often charming, aggressive and arrogant and full of bravado which actually covers up a tremendous insecurity. This insecurity comes from leading the way and not knowing really where they are really going.

Once they arrive, however, they are able to meet any challenge especially if there is any vested romantic involvement. Romantic and poetic and incredibly sensitive, usually Aries will find themselves in an early marriage; after all, they need a partner to help them slay a big scary dragon. Male Aries are very typically masculine and the woman are equally as strong and determined.. This determination and boundless energy can be channeled through physical activity which also helps to slow down their restless nature. Aries signals the passage of winter to spring and the beginning of so many new and different possibilities.

Being the first sign of the zodiac, and Aries natives are the first to start-and the first to finish-whatever they set out to do. Aries is an active, energetic sign. People with Sun in Aries are direct, straightforward, and uncomplicated. They expect the same from others, and are baffled when they dont always get it. The body comes first with Aries. Sun in Aries people are natural athletes. At the very least, their natural inclination is to use their bodies to get things done. Theyre not given to long, drawn-out emotional moments; nor are they big on planning ahead. Instead, they live their lives simply. What is happening right now is most important to Aries. Impatience is a definite vice, and innovation is a huge strength. Aries loves to start anything new, and they have trouble sitting still.

They are pioneers in whatever they do, and there is a very basic quality of bravery in these people that is unmistakable! Aries generally knows what they want, and they know the quickest route to getting it. They take shortcuts if they must, but generally everything is aboveboard. Underhanded just isnt their style. Some Aries people are bold, but even the quieter ones are brave and even plucky in their own way. Independence is their birthright. Nothing gets them going more than a fresh slate, the promise of a new day, and a brand new start.Aries enjoys a challenge, and Aries Suns are happiest when their lives are moving forward and active. Theres a childlike, immature quality to all Aries Sun people, and its often quite charming.

Aries Rising Famous people with Aries Ascendants Bette Midler, Lena Horne, Ron Howard, David Spade, and Susan Saint James.

People with Aries Ascendants are direct and quick. Their first instinct is to do, rather than think. Planning ahead? Forget it. Aries rising simply charges forward without much ado. This position does not make a person aggressive. Forthright, yes, but aggression is too strong a word for these natives. They have a youthful, direct manner that sees what it wants and generally goes for it. At the same time, there isnt any malice in their intent.

Some Aries rising people are competitive, immature but they generally put most of the pressure on themselves. These people love to come out ahead in all that they do. They get ready quickly, walk quickly, and have little patience for dilly-dallying. Their temper is quick, too. Its also quick to disappear. Rarely do you find Aries rising people holding grudges. Their mannerisms are rather simple and straightforward. Aries rising loves action, and is often trying to stir up some activity. Their strengths lie in their enterprising ways. Finishing things they start does not always come as easily, unless the ruler, Mars, is placed in a more tenacious sign, such as Taurus or Scorpio.

Aries Ascendant often gives a rather swift walk, with the head leaning forward slightly. This walk is surprisingly distinctive. Headaches, and sinus and eye problems are the usual physical complaints of this position. Rashes and acne on the face and shoulders sometimes occur. Broad shoulders and slim hips are common. Often, Aries rising people are quick to smile, and they possess a youthful charm throughout life.Probably early on in life, Aries rising people got typecast as the willful independent child. As adults, people with Aries Ascendants often stick to that role in life. People dont run to help them out-they appear quite fine doing things on their own. These people have learned to be self-reliant, and this generally stems from their early experiences.Despite a rather brusque and independent manner, these natives are usually very willing to compromise in their relationships, and are very attached to the people they hold dear.

Moon In Aries Famous people with Moon in Aries: Dido Armstrong, Tyra Banks (Moon and Mars in Aries), Sarah Ferguson, Whitney Houston, Lucy Lawless (Sun and Moon in Aries), Heather Locklear, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna (Moon and Venus in Aries), Meg Ryan, Kevin Spacey

Ten steps ahead of the pack, nothing quite happens soon enough with this position of the Moon. There is an inherent impatience with getting what they want. Life is a series of emergencies for Lunar Ariens. They live in the moment and have a hard time waiting for things to happen. Whims of the moment take absolute precedence in their lives. This is a fiery position of the moon. Even if the Sun or rising sign is more low-key, Moon in Aries people have a passionate inner fire. Emotional issues take precedence-there is simply no pussy-footing around when it comes to dealing with the feelings. And, dealing with new sentiments and needs stirs up a huge desire for activity. Moon in Aries has a need for acting out Its hard for them to see the long-term, or to wait for things to happen. Instant gratification rules!

This is a very defensive Moon position. These natives take things very personally, and they deal with problems by facing them right away so that they can then get on with other things. Their flare-ups generally end almost as quickly as they started.Lunar Ariens have an unmistakable independent streak. They put themselves right out there in the world, and make an impression in whatever they do. Their self-confidence is actually variable, even though a strong personality is projected, they tend to go through plenty of ups and downs. Their moodiness is not like Cancer or Pisces moodiness-they dont withdraw into themselves or escape the world when theyre down. Instead, they are temperamental.

It apperas that Moon in Aries people actually enjoy trouble and confrontations. This position is easily bored with environments that are too peaceful. Their homes-especially their childhood homes-are often battlegrounds. They rule the roost, or at least want to, and are not the most peaceful of folk to live with!Moon in Aries men and women are prone to have plenty of crushes and other short-lived yet intense desires. Needs and wants are indistinguishable to Lunar Ariens at any given time. In their minds, what they want is so powerful that it becomes an absolute need. In young adulthood, they can be dangerous with a credit card, or any other whim of the moment. Aries moon actually takes the advice in the first place!

Others will appreciate that people with Moon in Aries rarely sulk or play any drawn-out games of manipulation. You can pretty much know what they want at any given time. They are generally ruled by their own emotional needs, and theyre not always as concerned about others needs during these emergencies. Somehow, they have people around them scrambling to help them solve their problems. Theres an aura of childlike innocence around Lunar Ariens, even when theyre getting their way again, that can be charming!

Lucky Color: Red Lucky Number: 1 Flower: Red Rose Herb: Juniper Key Phrase: I Am

Life Path: Passionate and instinctual, a fulfilled life is full of excitement, you need to evelop an awareness and compassion for others. Using ntegrity and the right motives, becomes a powerful vehicle for healing, just being around you inspires others with energy and enthusiasm for life.