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Pisces Fish

Pisces/Pisces-Rigid-Abundant-19-29 Feb Pisces/Cancer- Moody-Receptive 1-10 March Pisces/Scorpio- Tangibly-Productive -11-20 March

Sun In Pisces Famous people with Sun in Pisces: Some Famous People with Sun in Pisces: Elizabeth Barrett Browning (Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Pisces), Drew Barrymore (Sun and Venus in Pisces), Kurt Cobain (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Pisces), Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan, Cindy Crawford, Billy Crystal (Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Pisces), Albert Einstein, George Harrison, Kato Kaelin (Sun and Moon in Pisces), Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze Jr., Michelangelo, Aidan Quinn (Sun and Moon in Pisces), Rob Reiner (Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Pisces), Dr. Seuss, Sharon Stone, Elizabeth Taylor (Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Pisces), Bruce Willis

Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac, and contains within itself the experience, energy and dynamic of all the signs. Giving Pisces Suns the ability to identify with people from all walks of life-from all backgrounds-in some way. They are changeable and adaptable, they have open minds and tremendous understanding. Pisces can go through life often feeling misunderstood, spending a good portion of time yearning for understanding, and the other part in a state of divine discontent. Suffering is sometimes glamorized in the Piscean world.

Sun in Pisces people are frequently labeled as wishy-washy, but this is all a matter of opinion. What you will find behind a vaguely directionless, spacey manner is a deep person with real dreams. Their dreams are more than getting that picket fence or making it up the corporate ladder career wise. Pisces vibrate to a higher purpose and their dreams transcend the individual. A deep love for humanity, and compassion that knows no bounds is found with this placement of the Sun.

Elusive feminine, mutable, and confused, water- and Neptune-ruled and running through the lymph system and feet, seeking and searching flowing form here to there. These two fish are seeking a lifetime entanglement of feeling. Hidden in the background and almost obsolete like their natural 12th house position, Pisces explores the conscious worlds that exist between here and there.

Look for an vibrant continium of changing aura colors, as it is constantly changing and shifting much like Pisceans themselves. This Pisces group, most martyred of signs, has their heads in the clouds and their feet in the water–better, or course, than the other way around. Pisces is moody, sneaky, tricky and manipulative, although not overtly, they can sweet- talk you into anything, because they act as though they can’t fend for themselves.

Creative and visionary and absolutely wired to the other side, a strong Pisces influence most certainly assures spirit communication. Sullen and moody, this bunch will pick up on the temperaments of those around them.

Pisceans are always trying to escape–especially from their physical reality–and this is why they have a thirst for drugs and food and alcohol. If not, they can also utilize their own power to jump right out of their own skin. Luminescent, dreamy quiet and sexual, they are creative, musical and expressive and more often than not, end up in jail.Their ruling planet Neptune is mysterious and not really definable and is the more etheric of spirituality, no boundaries here just an open flow of energy and expression blasting into different colors.

Pisceans are not known to be cutthroat business types, nor are they given to throwing themselves out into the world in an aggressive manner. But make no mistake about it, Pisces can be extraordinarily successful when given the chance to express themselves. The arts, marketing, music, teaching, drama, healing arts…these are all fields in which Pisces can find expression. Their imagination, attunement to humanity, and remarkable intuition endow them with enviable gifts of insight and creativity.

Pisces is a sensitive sign-both hyper sensitive to criticism and sensitive to others’ feelings. Easily touched by human suffering, Pisces wouldn’t hurt a fly. They believe in people, are deeply hurt by compassionless human behavior, and have a hard time saying no. Harsh realities are avoided either through escapist behavior or self-delusion; but every now and again reality does raise its ugly head, and hits Pisces over the head.

After such an experience Pisces retreats into their own world, self-pitying and giving pep talks to themselves (“I will never trust again!”). Rest assured, though, that these periods are rather short-lived and even useful. Pisces seems to derive energy from their (generally short) bouts of self-pity. They come back stronger, with a spring in their step, ready to face the world again, and just as, if not more, compassionate and trusting as they were before. Some might even wonder if Pisces finds pleasure in suffering. Sometimes this is the case, but most of the time, Pisces pulls a lot of creative energy from sadness. Pisces is the poet or artist with angst, although this trait is often more apparent with Moon in Pisces.

Some find Pisces’ tendency to be late for appointments, spaced out behavior, and absent-mindedness amount to irresponsibility. Pisces would be shocked to know this, however. Who me? Pisces wonders. Irresponsible? Pisces Suns absolutely care-their love knows no bounds-but their retreats from ordinary life (whether they are as simple as daydreams or actual departures) that they so seem to need every now and again are not always understandable to no-nonsense signs, such as Virgo or Aries.

Many Pisces seem almost allergic to things like shopping lists, maps, directions, and instructions, and for some brave souls, even watches – they prefer to feel their way through life than to follow some plan.We find plenty of artists, poets, and musicians with Sun (and other personal planets) in Pisces. Piscean themes are woven throughout the songs of Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins and Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, for example.

Pisces Rising Famous people with Pisces Ascendants: Pisces rising people often possess an irresistible charm that comes on in a quiet way, with a soft aura about them. Both their appearance and mannerisms are usually quite intriguing to others. Famous people with this position include George Clooney, Robert Redford, Antonio Banderas, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

“What Ever” seems to be a Pisces rising motto. They move about the world in a vaguely directionless, gentle manner. They come across as artists and lovers of peace; but their open minds and hearts can give them a chameleon-like persona. Others are not always sure who they’ll meet from one day to the next with a Pisces rising person. Although often quiet and shy, another day may find them talkative and passionate.

They are hugely impressionable, have a dreamy disposition, and project a soft-hearted personality. Pisces rising sees the world the way they want to see it at any given time, so objectivity is not necessarily a strong point. Neither is decision-making! People with Pisces rising resist any kind of labeling–their characters are changeable, and they don’t want to be pinned down or pegged in any way. Theirs is a restless, searching nature that cannot be happy with any one way of living or being. Pisces rising avoids cold, hard facts and harsh realities like the plague.

They don’t have a decisive plan for tomorrow or even today, preferring to keep things open. Since they change their minds frequently enough, and like to “feel” their way through life, too much organization or structure can be seen as very limiting.Pisces rising people walk around with their heads in the clouds, and even when you do have their attention, their dreaminess is almost always apparent.

These people look for a stable partnership- one that is reliable. Pisces rising people gravitate to partners who keep them on their toes, and they often will pass off the little details and reality checks to their significant other. They seem to need a practical, realistic partner.

Pisces Ascendants often have a sensitivity to drugs, and sometimes are prone to allergies that come and go. Their physical constitutions seem to be less resistant than most.

Moon In Pisces Famous people with Moon in Pisces: Kirstie Alley, Gillian Anderson, Michael Bolton, Robert Browning, Hillary Clinton, Carson Daly, Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman, Sarah Michelle Gellar (Moon and Mars in Pisces), Rita Hayworth, Lauren Holly, Michael Jackson, Martin Luther King, Kevin Kline, Ricky Martin (Moon and Mars in Pisces), Michelangelo, Moby, Moliere (Moon, Venus, and Mars in Pisces), Bill Moyers, Robert Plant, Edgar Allen Poe, Elvis Presley, Jason Priestly, Prince, Judge Reinhold, Gene Rodenberry, Winona Ryder, Charles Schulz, Martin Scorcese, Jerry Seinfeld, Monica Seles, Alicia Silverstone, Ben Stiller, Debra Winger, Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Lunar “Moody Moon” Pisceans are known to be dreamy and not always in touch with reality. However, though these people may not always show real-world savvy in day-to-day, practical affairs, they make up for this with remarkable intuition. They can put themselves in anybody’s shoes with extreme ease. This alloows them with remarkable compassion and love. The down side with this apparent ability to break down boundaries is that these people can easily lose themselves in the suffering of others and become distracted in their own lives.

Their sense of humor is delightfully silly and a bit odd. These are perceptive souls who seem to be in touch with all the nuances and subtleties of human nature. Often this comes through in a strong sense of humor that is more of the receptive kind than the type of sense of humor that would make people the “life of the party”. It’s generally pretty easy to get them giggling.

Moon in Pisces people may get spaced out, but there’s a lot more to them than meets the eye. They feel, and rely on their intuition. It just doesn’t feel right for them to do otherwise. Their dreaminess can mean plenty of moments of absent-mindedness. These times of oblivion can land them in all sorts of predicaments with others who can too easily misunderstand these complex souls. Without plenty of space and time to daydream, Pisces Moons easily get overloaded with life. Give them room to be alone with themselves, and they’re generally able to take on the world-even if their style when they do so is not always conventional or understandable.

Soft-hearted and sweet, Lunar Pisceans care about others and are easily touched by human suffering. This tendency gains them the reputation as suckers for sob stories. Although this may sometimes be true, many Lunar Pisceans learn, in their lifetimes, how to discern between sincerity and manipulation. Still, they definitely do have plenty of soft corners.

In personal relationships, Lunar Pisceans are giving and yielding. They are generally open on a sexual level, in a quiet way. Their fantasies can be far-reaching, intricate, and rich with emotion. Love is closely tied in with their sexuality. Most Lunar Pisceans are shy; they need a trustworthy lover to bring them out.

There’s a delightful accepting side to Moon in Pisces that is sometimes mistaken for weakness. Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac, and thus carries with it a little of each sign of the zodiac. As a result, they see themselves reflected in the behavior of others, giving them seemingly boundless compassion.

Since the Moon represents our instinctive nature, Moon in Pisces seems to know how things feel without actual experience. For example, they may have never had sex, but seem to know all about it – even, or especially, the subtleties of it. The ones that aren’t too shy make awesome actors and actresses. This ability to empathize even in the absence of experience gives them an open mind and heart. Most long to express this through writing, music (both listening and making), poetry, and art – in fact, the happiest people with this position do just that.

Though some are doormats, most Pisces Moon people instinctively know when they’re due for a much-needed recharge. It’s at these times that they retreat from the world (and its harsh realities) if only to gather strength to face everything and everyone again. Solitude is important to them, but they also need people, so their retreats will usually be short-lived. Pisces Moon individuals believe; and, let’s face it, the world needs Piscean leaps of faith.

Lucky Color: Blue Lucky Number: 4 Flower: Arum Lily Herb: Primrose Key Phrase; I Know Life Path: Understanding of your individuality and centeredness of your world and the world of unseen energies. Unifying, integrating the self, wholeness, From here you can aspire, inspire, words thoughts and feelings of knowledge, wisdom and consciousness out into world.