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The Bull

Taurus-Taurus-Gentle-Indolent -21-30 April Taurus/Virgo-Perceptive-Intuitively-May 1-10 Taurus/Cap-unstoppable-Financially-11-21May

Modality: Fixed Element: Earth Ruler: Venus Season: Spring 2nd Sign of ZodiacMetal: Copper Stone: Emerald Color: Green Anatomy: Neck, throat Keywords: persevering, down-to-earth, stable, stubborn, possessive, prosperous, dependable, physical, sensual.

Sun In Taurus

Famous people with Taurus Sun Signs: Cher (Sun and Mercury in Taurus), George Clooney (Sun and Mercury in Taurus), Joe Cocker (Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus in Taurus), Adolf Hitler (Sun, Venus, and Mars in Taurus), George Lucas (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Taurus), Rene Zellweger (Sun and Mercury in Taurus)

Sensual, Feminine and bound by self absorption and please, ruling the neck and throat, as well as the throat chakra. Utilizing expression of verbal tone and sheer strength-stubbornness of will, Taurus The Bull naturally leads us to the 2nd house , an alignment in values, foundations and beliefs and how to acquire them. Adventurous, Energetic, Stubborn Pioneering, Courageous, Enthusiastic, Confident, Dynamic and Quick-Witted, Selfish Quick-tempered,a strong sense of entitlement, Impulsive, Impatient, Foolhardy and a bit of a daredevil. Pleasure loving and materially minded. For them the outcome is all that matters, and it only matters if they have gained. They are physically sensual and tender, and love to bask in excess. Their ultimate pursuit is the good life in every sense of the phrase. Like the bull that represents them, Taurus are often seen as stubborn. However, what some see as stubbornness is actually the Taurean will to stay their chosen course to reach their goals. Bulls are pragmatic and dependable, and left to trudge along at their own speed usually attain that which they seek.

Venus ruled, the earthy sensual side of Venusian energy, tactile and basic in their needs and desire, earthly pleasure, self-indulgent pleasure seeking are also great lovers of all things beautiful, including art. Taurus needs to be surrounded by beauty to be happy. Taureans also value tradition, stability and loyalty, sometimes sentimental, emotional. Conversely, there is nothing impractical about the slightly conservative Taurus. They are not risk takers. Nor are they likely to fall for get rich quick schemes. While the ways of the stable Taurean may not suit others, these Bulls basically ensure that they will find the earthly rewards they seek. Their ruling planet Venus, vibrates calming blue and green tones that surround their auras as they are lead through life, the planet of love, sex and chocolate. Taurus is what grounds us and centers us so we can use the Aries explorations and put them to practical use. People born under the sign of Taurus wish to acquire knowledge and promote a stable healthy and successful environment.

Naturally a sensual lover, pleasure-seeking and indulgent, and usually hard to stir let alone to anger, Taureans patient sometimes to a fault, abundantly lucky and practical and sure-footed . Taurus energy helps focus on the job at hand and the importance of setting up the situation to try to ensure a positive outcome. Taureans down fall appears to be a lazy attitude and a sensuality that can distract them from their goal, and can lead to nasty repetitive behavior patterns like eating too much chocolate and sipping too many exotic cocktails. They have exceptional taste and make fabulous decorators and stylists..A kinder, more soft-natured temperament cannot be found. There is something very sturdy and solid about Taurus natives, no matter what the rest of their charts say about them. Though they are dependable most of the time, this generally shows itself more in habit than in outright helpfulness.Taurus natives are sensual folkand this includes sex, but extends to pleasures in all areas: they delight in the sensual pleasures of food, a comfortable blanket, a richly colored room to look at, the smell of flowers or spring rain, pleasing melodies coming from their stereos, and so forth. When Taurus work, they work hard. They do it with a steadiness that may rarely be considered quickrather its a dependable, plodding, and steady effort that has its payoffs. Security is immensely important to Taurussome of them actively seek wealth, while others are content to be comfortable. The Taurus definition of comfortable may not be exactly the same as the rest of the signs, but comfort is definitely a driving force.

Although hard-working, their fixed and comfort-loving nature sometimes makes them appear lazy. This is only because they separate work and leisure so well. When they work, they work hard, and when they play, they dont really play as suchthey relax. A Sun ruled Taurus who has kicked his or her feet up is rooted thereyoud be hard-pressed to get them to move. On a mental level, youll likely have the same problem. Taureans stick with things and ideas, and therein lies one of the reasons why they are known for their stubbornness. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, and they have a fair measure of tradition and steadiness in their make-up keeping them rooted. The possessiveness and jealousy associated with Taurus shows up in all areas of life in some way. Taurus likes to own things and people. A nice home, a piece of land a paid-off car, nice plush accessories, a couple pets, a solid businessIn love and relationships, there is an earthy kind of possessiveness that may be considered jealousy by some, but there is actually quite a difference between being possessive and being jealous. Taurus natives are rarely jealous and petty. They do, however, think of the people they love as theirsit adds to their sense of security.

Taurus Rising Celebrity Taurus Rising Signs:

Carlos Santana, George Lucas, Mia Farrow, Brendan Fraser and Nick Nolte.

Steady, slow and capable are adjectives that we attach to people born with a Taurus Ascendant. These rising sign Tauruss have tremendous stamina and staying power. Theyre often quite loyal to those they care about. Although they generally dont come on strong, they have personal presence; and they fairly radiate stability. The sign on the Ascendant generally reveals how people start anything new and how they are seen physically. Taurus, by nature, is resistant to change. It can be difficult to sway Taurus rising nativestheyre often rather stubborn and fixed in their ways. Their first responses are to feel things out, not in the way a Pisces attach attunement to their environment, but in the realm of the five senses. They have well-developed sense of smell and touch, and respond to the material world. Theirs is a practical and security driven approach. With a fixed sign on the Ascendant, they are not known for their flexibility. Rather, they possess determined single-mindedness.

Sturdy bodies dreamy eyes and a voice that sign in harmony manifest with Taurus on the ascendant. Taurus rising prefers the good things in life. Self-indulgence can be a weakness for many with this Ascendant. Often collectors in some way, Taurus rising natives place a lot of value on their material possessions.Taurus rising people prefer to dress in quality clothes with a comfortable feel to them. They are rarely ostentatious in their presentation. Often rather possessive in partnership, these natives wont easily break up their relationships. Although they are not particularly jealous, they view their partners as their personal property. Intensity and loyalty are especially important to Taurus rising natives. These are highly sensual people who prefer the comforts that a one-to-one, stable partnership offers. Although Taurus rising individuals value harmony and calm, their partnerships may be on the passionate side.Taurus rising natives are often very comforting to be around. They have a soothing, inner harmony and a physical attractiveness.

Moon In Taurus Famous people with Moon in Taurus:

Christina Aguilera, Ed Asner, Lisa Bonet, Joe Cocker (Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus in Taurus), Cameron Diaz, Matt Dillon, Robert Downey Jr., Brendan Frasier, Mick Jagger, Elton John

Familiarity is important to Lunar ruled Taureans. These people are earthy and strong-willed, with a highly developed intuitive ability. Feeling with their senses and reveling in material comforts, building a solid and comfortable home and foundation helps to keep them feeling safe and content. You can try to push a Lunar Taureans into doing something you desire, however it needs to be generated from with in them and once they have made a commitment, theyre persevering. Theres a steadiness to this position of the Moon that is comforting to those close to them. But the conservative streak in these natives can be maddening to more progressive personalities. They tend to go out of their way to avoid messy or unpredictable situations, crises, and emotional displays. Instead, they focus on creating a reliable and secure life around them. In relationships, Lunar Taureans may not easily recognize their partners need for change, growth, or emotional stimulation.

Moon in Taurus natives are generally very sensually romantic, with affections that are strong, deep, and unwavering. They are sentimental and warm. Since Taurus is a practical earth sign, the placement of the Moon in this sign suggests an ability to protect themselves and their own interests. They will rarely make a move without first determining that it is safe and that theres something in it for them. Generally, Taurus Moon people have reliable instincts. They are very much tied to the physical world, and they often have a particularly well-developed sense of smell. Relationships with people born with this position of the Moon are often quite enduring. Many Moon in Taurus people hang onto their mates, even in the face of serious conflict. Taurus is a fixed sign, so break-ups dont happen easily. Lunar Taureans are not the most adaptable people when their own routine is interrupted, for example.

Though some Lunar Taureans might be considered anal, most simply have a stubborn streak that keeps them rather resistant to change. Rarely spontaneous . Uncomfortable with surprises, these natives value stability. Their needs are strong but quite simple at the same timethey love the good things in life. The world of the five senses is all-important to these natives. Their love of stability and steadiness can make them slaves to routine. However, they are loyal proud and capable people.

Lucky Color: Blue Lucky Number: 6 Flower: Lilac Herb: Sage Key Phrase: I Have

Life Path: Establishing a comfortable way of life. through patience and persistance on your journey. your ability to work hard when focused, creates a secure physical environment. Within that security you can try out new things, explore your inner world, your beauty and sensuality. Becoming more fluid, developing the ability to let go is extremely important.