Chrysanthemum Stone

Wear it, carry, sleep or meditate with Chrysanthemum Stone to activate dormant skills, talents and potential abilities that lie within the Self. For those who feel they have missed their calling, or are unsure of what their gifts might be, this stone inspires, and brings transformation unlocking what is blocked. Unexpected opportunities from the Universe that could assist one in living out their dreams. Use Chrysanthemum Stone for a smooth flow of energy in healing work to clear the aura and open the meridians of the physical body from the Base Chakra to the Crown. It is an excellent support stone for acupuncture. The opening of the bodies portals allows the flow if fertility and creative childbirth! Courage and Strength to make decisions and to leave one’s comfort zone. It is a marvelous talisman of change for remaining open to new possibilities. This stone is excellent for finding a relationship later in life after devoting one’s life to caring for others. If you carry  Chrysanthemum Stone when working abroad in a land where you are not welcome, or have a job where people are hostile. It radiates harmony and encourages stability and trust. It aids in curbing one’s own resentment and animosity, and helps one progress toward unity It is a naturally occurring stone that is made from a mixture of gypsum, dolomite and limestone, with inclusions of various other minerals including Celestite, Calcite, Andalusite and Feldspar. This stone was first discovered in Japan, but has also been found in China, Canada and the USA. It is commonly black and white, but it may also be brown and white, as this depends on the minerals present. The way the minerals are arranged in the stones resembles a flower, which explains the meaning of the name Chrysanthemum Stone.