Personal Outlook


Gain a deeper understanding of motivations, challenges and strengths.

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A Personal Outlook reading shows you the area of life where you are most at home. It indicates the strength or otherwise of your personality. Shows how you use your powers of reason and communicative abilities. The area of life where you have a sense of wellbeing and satisfaction. Assertiveness and the extent to which you fight or compete with others.

Appreciate your talents

Discover the way to achieve the stability that endures. Your ability to free yourself from conditioning. The extent to which you need and value freedom. Learn how you can transcend everyday reality. Also, how you can regenerate and transform yourself, your life, or your surroundings.

Your outlook and life direction

At birth, the positions of the Sun and planets play a role in your outlook on life. They influence your character and potential life choices. The events that occur allow you to exercise free will and make creative choices. Your ‘Personal Outlook’ reading helps you to achieve a productive life.


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