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Essential Q&A’s affecting your Luck, Freedom, and Attitude



Luck, Freedom, and Attitude

Gain a deeper understanding of your birth chart. The events affecting the way you structure your life and discipline yourself. Overcome obstacles and make the most of the outcome.

Know how to handle good fortune. The times when you should be optimistic, be experimental, and innovative. Recognize where you can dare to be different when acquiring information and how best to deal with what you discover.

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Each Event – Three Q&A’s

You get detailed answers and suggestions related to each planet event.

Long Term Predictions

Due to the regular orbit of the planets, your reading reveals the precise timing of trends and events.


In your birth chart, Saturn represents your limitations and fears. How you structure your life and discipline yourself.


In your birth chart, Jupiter represents where you should be most optimistic. It indicates where you are likely to be the luckiest. It also reveals where most opportunities await during your lifetime.


In your birth chart, Uranus represents where you are most likely to need freedom. Be experimental, innovative, or ‘dare to be different.’

Month by Month Predictions

Detailed explanations of faster-moving events:


In your birth chart, Mercury represents the way your mind works. Your thought patterns, what interests you, and your attitude to acquiring information.

Discover how the ongoing movement of the planets plays its part in your future – and more.


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