I’m a Reiki Master Holy Fire Practitioner  distance healing *$90*
What is Reiki?
Reiki pronounced ” ray – key ” is a Japanese form of hands on healing . The word Reiki literally breaks down to mean Universal Life Force Energy.  It is a gentle laying on of the hands to promote and assist energetic healing of body, mind and emotional, stress dis-ease. It works similar to acupuncture without the invasiveness of needles. While acupuncture focuses on the energetic lines (meridians) of the body, Reiki focuses on the energetic centers called chakras (wheels). We have seven main energy centers in the body. During a Distance Reiki session I will need your your full name middle and maiden if married . Date of birth and the city you will be located in at the time of the session . We can schedule a time  for you to lay down or you can be going about your day or evening . I will afterwards email you a summary of what came up or what was released in the session within 48 hours following the session .
 While performing Reiki we assess the conditions of these chakras and assist in removal of blocks that may be expressing through pain, emotional stress and / or general dis-ease in the aura.