Smoky Blue Quartz is a brand-new find from the Santander province in Colombia. Columbian Quartz is usually water clear and much of it has Lemurian bar codes on the surface. The bluish cloudy opalescence within the point is caused by micro inclusions, creating the pale blue cloudy effect. There are tiny silvery flakes on and in this quartz, that, although resemble mica, are actually the lithium mineral, cookeite. The cookeite lamellae are often embedded in the faces of the quartz crystals, or scattered through the matrix or included inside the quartz. This means that these points are true “lithium quartz. Metaphysically, this new quartz is an ascension crystal that will move you to high vibrational frequencies, calm and restores body balance.  The Lemurian aspect of the stone means it will simply awaken divine knowledge that is part of your DNA, as you recall your place in the universe.  Blue Smoky Quartz will help you understand how divinely unique you are, while reminding you of your connection to the source. Blue Smoky Quartz will scrub your etheric shield clean, clear your chakras and raise your spiritual abilities. It is not teaching you, but reminding you who you are. It streams spiritual memories from your Akashic records, bringing them to your conscious mind. Your shining soul will show itself, reminding you of the beauty and divinity that is your birthright.