People come to me for many different reason when needing a house space or property car or business cleared. Usually the client is feeling like something is off in their environment. Maybe they just moved into a new house and simply need to remove the build up from the past tenants, or they may notice moods they don’t recognize, in themselves and others, because these moods appear drastically different. They may hear and see and feel strange, things, people, voices and ghost entities.

The space can be filled with odd smells, lights flickering moving objects negative feelings between family members bad luck arguments and problems. If drugs and alcohol are involved with addicts living in the space or the passing of people who have gone in aggressive or self inflicted circumstances, these vibrations can lower the harmony of the environment. In extreme circumstances people coming through the space daily dropping their personal energy and attached spirits in your environment require a psychic hygiene of sorts which is needed to set the vibrational tone and align positive energy.

In extreme instances very negative, demonic spirit entities or processions or energy tags will need to be removed especially in cases or vortexes ( a dimensional stairway for spirits) within the location.

So when I’m called to clear a house or space, I must first do a reading on the situation I’m walking into, in order to know how to address the specific circumstances so as to remove the un wanted energy and bring the space back to harmony as well as teach the owners how to clear themselves so they don’t have such frequent negative energy.