Sloan, Hi, this is “Micah” from Haunted Possessions the TLC show. Just wanted to let you know we really loved your tape, You have great confidence, honesty and charisma that showed through. By the way the stuff you had to say in the reading was amazing. Especially the stuff that didn’t make sense right away. We will keep in touch. Thanks again, “Micah”
TLC -Micah
When I first met Sloan I was stuck in such a rough spot in my life.. Not only was I stuck but on the suggestion of my girlfriend I went as a skeptic to meet Sloan. Honestly when I saw her I figured it couldn’t be too bad because she was so beautiful. Immediately Sloan picked up on the death of my Father and how it was tying into my career stagnation. It blew my mind how she completely narrowed in on a decision I made at 16 that actually forced me into my career. In the hour session I gained strength of mind. The next day I phoned my manager and made some changes. I was hooked and have continued to see Sloan for the past 11 years. It is remarkable how she has seen my abilities and encouraged me to do what I need to regardless of my fear. My wife has also used Sloan’s tremendous gift to work on her own Karmic path and like me is a absolute believer in her amazing talent and gift. It is my wish that the world meets Sloan and see’s her beauty as a Healer in the lives of those who need help.” Dave W. Toronto Canada
Dave W
I can hardly believe it——Sloan; I fought it, I really fought and was mad at you for saying it to me, although I was intrigued as well, you said repeatedly over a two year time down to the week “that a man who I hadn’t met and was Caucasian would propose to me”, a man with a free spirit who was sooo different from the man I was engaged to at the present. Okay so get this, I am Engaged to a man who is exactly as you described and I am moving. I am engaged.!!! He proposed on New Years Eve, I have a beautiful ring with a pinkish glow to it “just as you said.” What can I say except, you nailed everything in my life down to the engagement and my future life with a man I never even considered when I first met You. I am forever grateful that you have the gifts you do and for you help in my life, an invaluable gift. Love Always Leslie C.
Leslie C.
AMAZING “Breath Taking” and “Right on the Money” “Truly Gifted” I have known Sloan for just over three years now. I first met her at a psychic reading that I went to on a whim and from that moment on I was hooked. Sloan has seen me through three relationships and one death. All pivotal moments in my life. She has continuously helped me to see the direction of things clearer and has helped lead me to the right decisions in life. Sometimes paths in life our hard for to see and if any one is like me I like to be expecting of the unexpected. I feel that her insights into the future have been of valuable commodities in my life. Since I have met Sloan I have referred every friend that I have to her. The people that have chosen to meet with her are amazed at her ability to accurately tell them what is going on in their lives but are amazed when the things that she says are going to happen, DO!!! Sloan has also helped me to tap into my own psychic ability and the courage to trust it. The instincts that are in our heads are telling us, warning us and thanks to her I am more able to recognize and listen to what I am hearing. Jodi E.
Jodi E.
I have been a client of Sloan’s since 1/2000. She is a talented psychic, refreshingly candid and has become a true gift in my life. I have discovered many of my own “hidden” talents with her guidance and saved myself some heartache as well. She comes highly recommended from Me! Cassie- Southern Ca -2002-2015
I have been to a lot of psychics in my life, that is until I met Sloan. She is the real thing. I believe in her abilities, I have lived them. She is one of the most amazing people that I have ever come by in my life. Thank you Sloan! “Jennifer G”
Jennifer G.
Sloan; I wanted to thank you for the insight on a spiritual level on the reality of having a child that is gay and not knowing how to handle that situation as a mother. Your information including past lives between he and I, made so much sense that I was able to look at him as a person; not a reflection of me. I had always though that having a child meant instilling and them accepting my views in life and my son didn’t fit in to that way of thinking. I felt that is was deliberate and done to me. To know understand that situation from a much broader perspective and experience the information from a loving position, has been a gift. I no longer have the upset stomach I had for so long, my digestion is so much better. Glen is still stubborn and opinionated what 17 yr old isn’t and I keep thinking back to what his Grandfather said when he came through, it was an utterly profound experience in my life to hear the words you spoke. I thank you for the surprising, information you gave me. P.S. I was so especially amazed at the insight into my childhood vacations, that opened my heart again after so many years. Love Joanne M -Ontario,Canada
Joanne M
“Sloan is a jewel awash in an ocean of rocks and sea glass. She is a uniquely brilliant psychic and Astrologer. Sloan is Universal light and love and a constant source of comfort in my life.” Barbaranne W
Hey Girlie, what can I say but you are amazing, accurate and so right when it came to Shane, he did move and now he is moving back. We are getting married. I am not sure how to thank you accept to say tat when I found you, the information seemed incorrect, I waited and nothing happened, then it did and now I am happy again as you said I would be. Thank you for helping me through this difficult time. Amber C
“This feisty Canadian is beautiful, gifted, and fun! Sloan Bella is truly a Blessing that God has given to this hurting world. Her insight is profound! My readings with her have been accurate, soulful, and given with love. Sloan, I adore you, your predictions, encouragement, and friendship has proven to be priceless.” Valerie, CA
Valerie L.
Hi Everyone, and Dear Sloan. I met you in the midst of some amazing life changes and some tremendous losses in my life, that I was having trouble with dealing with. We sat down for the reading and I noticed that Sloan was receiving information and it was flowing through. I have consulted with Sloan both as a Medium and as an Astrologer. The information was specific to me and said in a way that was surprising and effectual to getting the information too me. I was torn emotionally about what was happening to me and could only analyze it from my present perspective. Sloan saw the path on a psychic level and with out judgement gave me the info I needed to continue what I needed to do. It truly was so incredible as I would have approached the situation much differently. Kathy.Ca
“Sloan is the most accurate and insightful psychic I have ever met. I have always been skeptical of psychics, and a true agnostic, but working with Sloan over the past few years has definitely opened my eyes to the potentials of the spirit world, and the consequences of the choices we make. Sloan’s ability to hone in on medical maladies is uncanny, and her ability to perceive the character and motivations of others is definitely helpful in avoiding mistakes and heartaches. Sloan can always be depended upon to deliver an accurate, humane reading, with the needs of the client always at the forefront of her work”. Ed S., Des Moines, IA
I was introduced to Sloan Bella in 2003 by a very good friend of mine who was so impressed with her psychic abilities that she had made it a point to see her every few months. After hearing all the wonderful things about Sloan, I was eager to meet with her myself. I was taken by her vivaciousness and good looks, but extremely impressed with her knowledge of astrology, and her keen sense of the spiritual world. She was dead on with so many issues regarding myself, my health and my family. I left our first meeting almost speechless. While at that first meeting, I expressed to Sloan that I wasn’t feeling myself health wise, and was being told by my family doctor that it was all in my head. At the time there was no laboratory proof to why I was feeling fatigued and sickly. Out of the clear blue, she said she felt that I would need surgery in my neck. Well, after 2 years of intense medical testing they finally have discovered that I have Multi Endocrine Neoplasm 1, and one of the ways they treat this disorder is to have to have my parathyroid (located in my neck) removed. I have made it a point to reach out to Sloan for spiritual guidance on a number of occasions, and always leave our sessions in awe. Her spiritual gifts are genuine, rare, and impressive. I highly recommend her and an astrologer, a psychic and a medium. I challenge any non- believer to have one sitting with Sloan, and not be moved by her abilities. I feel blessed to have her and her extraordinary abilities in my life. Thank You Sloan. Cyndie
Like most people, I was prompted to see Sloan when I was going through an unhappy phase in my life. She gave me solid, practical input – names, dates and times – that I almost didn’t believe as the insights were so contrary to my vision of what was going to happen. And yet, it all came true. At rocky moments, her insight has given me a quiet certainty that life will work out well, an insight into other people’s behavior that gave me peace and acceptance. It is hard to explain how to square the concept of free will and our own decisions with the psychic insights that Sloan gives – philosophically, I found it difficult. But I have let go of the need to understand how she does what she does, and just trust in her insights and am grateful for my access to her talents. Natalie
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