Life Planner 12 Months


Benefit from life changing events and know when they occur. Make everyday activities easier to handle!



Life Planner provides valuable guidance about your love-life, money, and work. Most importantly, when you experience life-changing circumstances and how you benefit from these when they occur in the year ahead.

Everyday activity

Monthly interpretations describe your thoughts, feelings, and desires. They feature the Sun and the faster moving inner personal planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars, which affect everyday activities and are listed by date with the duration displayed.

Life Changing Events

Interpretations of the more long-term phases help you understand the general theme of the period, as well as the practical and psychological implications. Also, valuable advice about what best to do and NOT to do during this time.

Information provided is based on the slower moving outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.


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