Life Stages 12 Month


Make the most of events and encounters. Discover what triggers your powers of persuasion and progress?



Looking at the Planets as they pass through the Houses of your unique Birth Chart, it is revealed how they help to implement and influence the stages or fields of experience in your life that the Houses represent. Make the most of meaningful events and encounters and lessen the effects of any negative experiences. Life Stages alerts you to specific occurrences, where you should best consolidate, or when to experiment; otherwise where to be cautious; when it’s down to you, or someone else; when to wait and when to act during the year ahead.
What triggers action at specific times
Your self-expression, emotions and sensitivities as well as attraction, motivation and progress. Your limitations, individuality, compassion and powers of persuasion.
Awareness of potential development
Your personality mask, material security and intellectual ability as well as emotional security, enjoyment of life and responsibilities. Your relationships and ability to deal with life and philosophical beliefs. Your personal status, social life, secret dreams.


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