Astrology Full Natal Chart Reading This is an in depth specific personally detailed Reading by me. At the exact moment of birth, the planets align, sublimely dancing in divine order. It’s as if a photograph is taken and this picture, “a map”, of life potential for human movement and unique expression, a painting of intent, is taken. Much like art, your chart is extremely individual and emotional and will unlock the beauty, grace and sensitivity of your persona and purpose. Charts are a way of gauging progress through your life as well as the timing of major growth patterns that bring us to pivotal points in our life by providing heightened understanding of gifts, knowledge and creativity. All Readings are Scheduled for  Pacific Standard Time You will receive a confirmation sent to your e-mail. Sloan will send you an e-mail to set up your reading time within 24 hours. You can also text the number below to set up your appointment. Once the reading has been scheduled you will call Sloan using this number 1-818-946-6400