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How you feel about each other, the way to make a success of being together.

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Your Star Lovers compatibility reading describes the benefits of being together. The way you feel about each other and how to make a success of your relationship.
The ‘closeness’ of your love
This reading highlights your personal needs in a loving sexual relationship. Also, how well each of you sees and experiences the other. Star Lovers reveals the exact connections between you. The ‘closeness’ of your love and the qualities you both seek in a lover.
The strength of your relationship
Relationship ups and downs occur in close, one-to-one relationships. Initial love affairs shift to a long term partnership. When they do the emphasis of the relationship changes, and we look at this in detail.
Your relationship needs
You are likely to find true happiness with someone who has various needs. With any relationship, you have to come to terms with your compatibility. Star Lovers readings define the quality of chemistry between you. It uses a technique called ‘Synastry.’ The branch of astrology dealing with relationships. Generally, we find individuals have distinct desires and personalities of their own. Even the most unlikely love relationship can work. But, both parties must put in the effort required. With any couple, adjustments and compromises are necessary.
Seeing the relationship from all sides
Interpreting a relationship between two people is tricky. A good analogy for this type of chart interpretation is the way you view a statue. Looking at a figure from the front gives you an idea of what it looks like from a single dimension. You need to walk around and view it from various points. Then, you begin to see a unique creation. Now we start to understand more about its total composition, which makes it what it is. So it is with the chart interpretation of a partnership. Star Lovers examines the relationship from different vantage points:
  • Relationship Potential:- The success story couples want—romantic and sexual expectations.
  • Characteristics- You both share.
  • Relationship Compatibility: How each of you perceives and experiences the other. Examines the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship and pinpoints potential problems.
Each connection between you has a Star Rating from one to five to show their relative importance. The more stars there are, the more influential the connection.


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