• PLEASE READ: Sloan will be Opening up a few days at a time so PLEASE  be patient we are catching up!! Keep Checking back Thank YOU…
  • All Readings are done by PHONE and its your responsibility to call at your appointment time. – All Readings times are based on Pacific Standard Time.
  • Once payment has been made you will receive an email immediately confirming your payment and a time for your session.
  • Missed Appointments: will be accommodated as soon as a new time is found you will need to be patient because we are really booked.
  • Cancellations: $75.00 fee
  • Your Appointment is your responsibility – Please call in on the reading line at your booked appointment time.If you miss your appointment we DO NOT refund so please make note of it . Thank you!
  • Please click the scroll down link to check pricing per sessions
  • Because Sloan is Booked like crazy the EMERGENCY SESSIONS can be done within 3 days with a $300.00 expedite charge.

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