Relationship Reality


Find out the reality of becoming a couple as you grow into a long term relationship.

1st Person :

2nd Person :



As a couple, you adapt to the relationship by undergoing subtle changes. The reality that you build is a creation all of its own! Being together unfolds and develops over time. A Relationship Reality reading helps you find out the reality of staying involved. This knowledge goes a long way towards making your commitment happy and successful. Get a 50% discount with Special Lovers Compatibility Package that includes Relationship Reality.
Benefits of being together
Discover what makes your relationship tick?. Learn to appreciate the passionate nature you share. How you think and communicate as a couple. Realize the appeal of being together and what it means to you both. Are you likely to get on well? Your mutual trust and commitment. The effort you make and the passion you show. The sensitivity and openness you share. Plus, your ability to inspire and develop a love for each other.
A combined chart for two People
We produce Relationship Reality by combining two birth charts. The chart we create represents the relationship. From this, we explain all the essential qualities you share as a couple.


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